About us


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We’re two lovers capturing love. And just like you two, we’re better together.

With Love evolved naturally back when we were trying to hide from the photographers at our mates’ weddings. As camera-shy folk ourselves, it was always a little awkward having a lens shoved in our faces while trying to enjoy the celebrations.

We know that to get the shot, it’s best to keep it simple and make sure you’re comfortable. So don’t worry lovers - we won’t be putting you or your nearest and dearest in any awkward poses.

We’re memory-makers who see things a little differently, and a lot less structured. Together we document your day as it organically unfolds. We focus on getting to know you and your loved ones, finding that perfect light and location, and capturing the moments as they happen.

Consider us your shadows. Your happy-snapping sidekicks who listen to your big ideas - then help you bring them to life.

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Our style of wedding photography is

simple, spontaneous, raw and in the moment.


We’re pretty chill ourselves, so we’ll make sure you’re

relaxed and super comfortable - it’s your big day after all.


Let’s get a little more personal


Expect to find Dom searching for the most magical light, assuring your mum it will be fine if it rains or having shots with your best mates at the bar.

Dom’s been taking photos for 15 years and brings his professional training from Billy Blue College Of Design and a tonne of technical knowledge to the team.

He’s one of those guys who finds beauty in the most unexpected places, so his work ranges widely across the fashion, corporate, events, sports and weddings fields. Chances are you’ve seen his work published among the pages of your fave magazines. (You can check out more at his website below.)



Jac is the one fixing the veil when it blows off, looping up the dress so we can sneak through the farm fence and wiping away happy tears during your speeches.

She’s taking a step back from shooting for now and nailing the most important job of all - being the best mum to our little Ella. But she’s still bringing her signature stylish touches to the team behind-the-scenes.

Jac’s love affair with photography started as a hobby while backpacking around the world, and quickly blossomed while she adventured through Iceland and Sri Lanka.

She has a killer eye for detail, innate creativity and that hard-to-define quality where you’ll instantly feel like you’ve known her for years.


Our little family...

With Love is born from love.

It was created in the early, starry-eyed months of our relationship (after we met at a super stylish double denim party, but that’s a story for another time).

Our love was growing, and with each other’s encouragement and inspiration, so was our business.

It wasn't long before we expanded our dream team. We’re the proudest parents to our beautiful baby girl Ella, and beloved fur babies Bailey and Leo.