About us

With Love is the creative love child of Sydney based photographer Dominic Kieler and his partner Jackiee.

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Let’s get real for a minute. We’re not one of those couples that can sit you down and say “oh we’ve been capturing weddings for the last 15 years… oh we’ve shot at your venue 7 times and the owner Frank is really lovely isn’t he?!”. If you’re looking for someone whose going to tell you exactly what to do at what time and how they’ve done it a million times before you’re not going to find it here. We are all about individuality, authenticity, and using our style to compliment you as a couple- not forcing our ideas down your throats. We may have only officially started up this wedding photography thing a couple of years ago but to us, thats our charm.

With Love kind of developed naturally after shooting a few of our friends weddings. It made sense to us to turn it into something after we’d attended a few weddings ourselves and felt beyond awkward getting set up for photos, being told where to look and feeling like the whole thing was staged. Our aim is to document your day as it unfolds, so we use minimal direction for the most part. We want to get to know you, to feel like we’re your mates (who just happen to be stalking you with a giant camera, sorry- you’ll thank us later!) so that we can ditch the awkward “what do we do now’s” and focus on capturing all the little moments you’ll cherish forever.

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Our style of wedding photography is

simple, spontaneous, raw and in the moment.


We’re pretty chill ourselves, so we’ll make sure you’re

relaxed and super comfortable- its your big day after all.


Lets get a little more personal


Dom's passion for photography has spanned 15 years and is his first love (sorry Jac). Working as a full time assistant for many years while studying his Diploma of Photography at Billy Blue College Of Design, Dom brings expertise and a tonne of technical knowledge to the team. My work has been published in some of Australias leading magazines with work ranging from fashion, corporate, events, snow sports and weddings. Check out some of my work here



Jacs love affair with photography started as a hobby while backpacking on round the world trips. She's a big softie and loves weddings as much as she loves her sausage dog (sorry Dom) and that's saying something. Bringing an eye for detail, creativity and a women's perspective to the team, Jacs focus is making sure you're comfortable & loving your day.


Our little family...