Lost in Morocco


So the verdicts out on Morocco. You’re either going to love it or hate it. I think we felt both at different points of the trip. We hired a car to drive around Morocco. This was the best and worst thing we did. Best because we found places not many other tourists would have ever visited. We could pull over anywhere, run around and explore. We ran into a heard of camels in the middle of the dessert and a forest full of snow monkeys. We stayed with Moroccon families in their quaint bnb’s, playing with their kids and getting local advice. We couldn’t put our cameras down and captured some of the most incredible landscapes and cityscapes of the trip. Then theres the other end of the scale. We were pulled over by corrupt police with machine guns, forced to pay bribes for “speeding” while we watched dozens of locals fly past with no problem. We were followed, and felt uneasy every time we parked our car outside Medina walls. We seemed to tag team Moroccon belly which wasn’t fun at all when you’re driving hours a day. Its hard to recommend people visit this country for us. But its also hard for us to tell them not to go. There’s not a lot more I can think to say because my opinion is so mixed, so heres some photos to do the talking for me.