Frequently Asked Questions



~ You have our attention, Where do we go from here?

Great! Shoot us an email with any other questions you have and we can go from there. We can also meet up in person before you book.

~ Do we need to meet up for a chat?

It's not necessary, but we would love too if it makes you feel more comfortable to run through any questions you may have. We can meet either before you book or closer to your wedding day to run through everything. We are based south of Sydney and can meet for a beer or coffee most weekday evenings.

~ How do we secure our booking?

A non-refundable retainer of $1000 will lock in your date.



~ Who photographs our day?

Dom photographs the majority of the weddings. If he is already booked we will tell you once you inquire and let you know who we have available. We have a select handful of other photographers that work for us in these times with the same style and approach.

##~ We are super awkward in photos and hate the posy stuff, will this be a problem?

Not at all! Literally 99% of our couples tell us they are camera shy. Well guess what, so are we! We are super relaxed and chilled people and always have a lot of fun with our couples. Most of the day we will just be documenting without putting you into any awkward poses. During the portraits of the two of you, we will give you a little bit of direction so you don’t feel lost, but this is only to get things happening naturally. We do recommend on having some alone time on your day with just the 3 of us to capture those magical quiet moments.

~ Do you require a shot list?

Nope. We take a photojournalistic approach when photographing your day. Capturing it in it’s purity and letting all the good stuff happen naturally. Obviously we will still get those cherished family for the mantle piece.

~ Do you offer more then 1 photographer?

Yes. We highly recommend hiring a second photographer for your wedding day. Not only do they ensure that every special moment will not be missed, but offer a different angle that a single photographer is unable to get. Some of our favourite images have been the off-guard photos our second photographer has caught.

~ Do you do pre wedding shoots?

Yes! We offer pre wedding shoots at a favourite location of your choosing or we can help you pick one. This is a great way to get to know you before the day. Get in contact with us for prices.

~ What if it rains?

We will arrange a wet weather plan prior to your day just in case. Don't stress! Rainy wedding day images are some of our favourites!

~ When should we make time for couple photos on our day?

Try avoid the middle of the day (11-3pm in daylight savings) This causes unflattering shadows and highlights on faces. We will be looking for full cover shade in these times. We love sunset! The 15 minutes before and after the sun sets is when the light is most beautiful. We will get a little, crazy & excited at this time and will usually pull you out of the reception even if we have already done your couples photos. Don’t worry we only need 10mins for this and you’ll be thanking us afterwards

~ Do you scout for locations before the weddings?

This depends. Most of the weddings we are at the venue itself and it’s surrounds are pretty amazing! If this is the case we will always arrive early on the day to scope it out and get an idea in our heads of whats best. We do like to keep things relaxed and not have you away from your friends and family for too long but we are are always down for an adventure and we can wisk you away to jump fences on a near by farm or go skinny dipping at the closest watering hole if thats your thing.

~ Do you shoot same sex marriages?

Yes! #loveislove



~ We love black & white photographs, do you supply them

We also love black & white photographs! The editing process is just as important as the shooting. We take our time working through each individual image and will decide whether It looks better in colour or black & white. Your final gallery will have a selection of both and generally ends up around 60/40 colour to black & white.

~ When do we get to see our photos?

We will send you a handful of our favourite images within a 24 hours of your wedding day. You will then receive our curated slideshow around a month from your day. This is our favourite part of the process always sheds a tear.

We will have the final collection of images delivered approximately 4-6 weeks after your wedding date. Each image is individually edited by hand and not something to be rushed ♡

~ What will we receive?

You can expect to receive 600-900 images depending on the length of coverage. We deliver high resolution images all edited by hand on a beautifully curated online gallery that you can share with your friends and family.

~ Can we see some full weddings you have photographed?

Yes, of course. Email us and we can send you some full galleries that our clients have received.



~ Do you travel for weddings?

Of course. If you have a destination wedding we would love to hear from you.

~ How much does it cost to travel to our wedding?

Weddings within 2 hours of Sydney have no travel cost. We will provide you with a travel quote when you first enquire and try to keep costs down to a minimum.



~ Do you have insurance?




~ Do you make wedding albums?

Yes. We custom design Fine Art Albums. There’s something special about holding a photograph in your hands. It connects you physically to a time, a place, and a feeling—an experience that an image on a screen simply can’t replicate. Of course, digital files are beautiful and certainly have their place but a print or custom album are something you’ll pass down for generations, providing a connection to your wedding day that you and your family will cherish for years to come. We offer a $200 discount if you order when you book your wedding.



~ Do you do video?

Yes. Get in contact if you want to add video coverage to one of our packages.